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Fast Track Your Business Growth With PPC Strategies

Get speedy results and become an industry leader! We grow your business with conversion focused PPC strategies. Connect with your customers through Adwords, Facebook and paid advertising channels. Begin your 90 Day stress-free Google Ads campaign with our PPC specialists today.

Online Sharks
Online Sharks
Online Sharks

Search Ads

  • Advertise to a wider audience
  • Dominate search results and local listings
  • Target relevant keywords
  • Generate sales and leads
  • ROI and performance reporting

Display Ads

  • Increase traffic with low cost per click
  • Banners, graphics, video and audio ads
  • Create brand awareness and loyalty
  • Targeted marketing on quality leads
  • Promote new campaigns


  • Reach the top of Google shopping network
  • Grow your ecommerce sales
  • Hook customers with rich visual product ads
  • Target existing and new customers
  • Direct ad clicks to product pages


  • Don’t let qualified leads slip to competitors
  • Re-engage fresh leads on your site
  • Targeted ads to non-buying users
  • Finish your user conversions
  • Drive new leads and sales
Online Sharks
Online Sharks
Who We Are

We Deliver Data-Driven Advertising Solutions For Your Brand

Chances are, you’ve got a great product or service going for your brand. But why aren’t customers buying? In today’s digital market, it’s impossible to keep up with the influx of competitors without tailored PPC advertising strategies. When search engines and social channels dominate the way consumers find their picks, you’ll be missing out on massive sales opportunities if you don’t capitalise on these platforms.

Online Sharks can get you seen by the right customers, generating qualified leads and ROI for your business. We’re a Melbourne PPC partner agency delivering full service advertising solutions. From extensive research to conversion focused copywriting on your search ads to comprehensive campaign development—we’re here to kickstart your brand growth from the ground up!

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Online Sharks
What We Do

Start Your 90 Day Performance Guaranteed Google Ads Campaign

Want exceptional ROI, growth, and paid advertising performance? Our next level PPC campaigns will drive relevant, qualified traffic for your business. We work with your budget to realise your vision. Our focus is to put you on the map ahead of your competitors. When customers hunt for products, we’ll get your brand to lead the pack. Our easy-to-see SERP ads help you stay on top of rankings, and control your marketing spend and targeting from start to finish.

Refining & Retargeting

Define what separates your brand from other businesses.

  • Clarify - Clarify your products and services’ unique mechanism with Online Sharks.
  • Plan - Establish your niche and develop clear-cut objectives for your campaign.
  • Control - Refine and retarget your campaign with complete control of your marketing spend alongside our experts.

Lead Generation Strategy

Develop a lead generation strategy for your PPC campaign.

  • Rank - Our Google Ads specialists work to help you rank on search results and increase traffic to your site.
  • Connect - You can connect with your customers and generate revenue, creating brand loyalty in the long run.
  • Grow - Experience massive growth through high volume keywords and attention-grabbing ads.

Live Reporting

Watch your analytics soar in real-time with clear ROI and performance reporting.

  • Review - As you collect more clicks than ever before, we’ll keep you in the loop with frequent insights and reports.
  • Analyse - See how your campaign is producing real results with tangible data and how it’s affecting your bottom line.

Performance Tracking

Your conversion tracking isn’t a static, one-way relationship with passive results. We…

  • Monitor - Make sure your campaign progresses as it should. We share everything with you from your live dashboards to our recommendations in our 100% fully transparent service.
  • Optimise - Your PPC campaign manager will identify room for opportunity or improvement. We will adjust your campaign to follow suit, with your complete approval of course.

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Why Choose Us

We Create Partnerships And Our First Priority Is You

We create partnerships with our clients, keeping things present, prioritised and personal. As a direct point of contact for your campaign goals, we help you stay on track with your objectives. We don’t do universal, one-size-fits-all solutions. Our advertising and branding experts understand different businesses need unique tools to overcome their industry challenges. Whether you’re a service based business, an ecommerce, a start-up, a B2B or SME company, we understand brands from different walks of life.

Campaign Setup, Development & Management

Our goal is to help you grow and assist you throughout your entire campaign. From final approval on all ads to adjustments on your ongoing campaign, rest assured, you’ll remain in control of all decisions. To make things easy for our clients, we follow a streamlined process. Here’s how our PPC campaigns work:

  • Establishing A Clear Brief - We work in line with your budget to establish a brief that suits your business goals. Once the details are confirmed, we’ll refine each element to ensure they fit your needs.
  • Launching And Tracking Performance - We design, implement and analyse your PPC strategy. Your campaign will expose your products and services to a wider audience. With conversion-focused ads, you’ll see booming turnover for your business.
  • Continuous Monitoring And Reporting - We always keep you informed on your ad performance. We make sure you’re well on track to success and your targets are met consistently.
  • Optimising Your Campaign Long-term - With a dedicated account manager to regularly run an audit and consultation, we improve your campaign whenever an opportunity presents itself.
Online Sharks 1300198427
Online Sharks
Online Sharks
Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying?

Our Expertise

Pay Less And Convert More With Online Sharks

Are you seeing no results on your marketing spend? Are your sales dropping more and more every day despite your efforts? Our PPC specialists are ready to introduce you to the wonders of an effective advertising campaign. Online Sharks specialise in PPC conversions to dominate your industry. We focus on the metrics that matter and implement strategies that work. We deliver data-driven Google Ads management to help you pay less and convert more. With Online Sharks, you can get more value for your money while enjoying maximum turnover.

Using the full suite of Google Ads products, we grow and scale your business to reach the top of your industry. We have years of experience in Google Search, Google Shopping, Remarketing, Display Network Advertising and other advertising channels. Set up and manage your campaign with Online Sharks to make your business goals a reality. Our PPC services will help you…

Generate Quality Leads

Our lead generation experts allow you to grab the right audience’s attention. We target customers who are ready to take action and purchase from your brand. Don’t be surprised if your revenue’s got you laughing all the way to the bank.

Get Higher ROI

Enjoy immediate results and maximise your ROI. You’ll have the freedom to respond to your campaign performance in real-time and optimise your marketing spend. Gain qualified leads, minimise your cost per lead and enjoy huge savings in ad spend.


Don’t let competitors claim your customers. Remarketing is essential in consumer-focused and results-driven campaigns. We connect all the data dots from shoppers’ site navigation to your audience segment and CRM. This way, potential conversions won’t slip through the cracks.

Our Expert Team

Alone We Can Do So Little Together We Can Do So Much

We are proud of our team and their expertise. We work hard and smart to ensure you get the best results everytime.

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